My personal myth is a mix of visible reality and illusion, which includes many mythical and magical creatures that also appear in old Armenian culture. Based on my personal feelings I create my own mythical, illusionary world in which man, the transience of things and the transformation that creates new life become and endless event. I try to find silence in the canvas, which creates a transformed image between our thoughts, reality, feelings and emotions. I don’t depict the visible world of the senses, but a world of secrets, meetings, surprises, discoveries and harmony, in which time does not exist, but you meet and discover your own self; a place where I can talk about my inner reality. Everything comes and goes or gets a new shape, dimension or value.

Art for me is a mythical labyrinth where I’m looking to challenge myself. Such challenges encourage me to determine where I’m going next and to get to know myself through art. The artistic process in which you usually find yourself is already a mysterious, enigmatic quest in itself. Aspects of reality and illusion often occur here. My works are paintings, drawings, collages and photographs of human and animal figures.

Through everyday stress you lose contact with your inner silence, with yourself. There you can feel your real presence in the everlasting. Here I discover a totally new world that takes place inside me.

For me, transformation is the spiritual quest for timeless human issues, such as fear, vulnerability and loneliness. This central theme also includes aspects of personal transformation and spiritual metamorphoses.

Animals, people and objects for me are a way to communicate human emotions and feelings, that I express in my inner world of feelings and become part of my mythical imagination.

In my paintings, silence is shown in stages, in which the process has already been transformed. I also show how the visible world is transformed by a mythological change in shape. We spend our whole lives in this process, that is depicted by birth, death, transformation, hybridised animals and human strangeness.